Why is the City of Subiaco undertaking this project?

    Extensive public engagement for the City of Subiaco Place Plan 2019–2022 and the MARKYT Community Scorecard 2019 showed that the community wants more:

    • places to sit and connect
    • playful moments
    • activation and vibrancy in the town centre. 

    The City of Subiaco is committed to implementing this feedback through the Subiaco Pop-up Square initiative.

    Where is Subiaco Pop-up Square located?

    Subiaco Pop-up Square will be located along a small portion of Churchill Avenue between Rokeby Road and the access way next to Delisio Pizza Romana, from Thursday 25 March 2021 to Sunday 9 May 2021.

    How long will the road closures be in place?

    Installation will begin Sunday 21 March 2021 and dismantling will be complete by Wednesday 12 May 2021, closing this section of the road for 7.5 weeks in total. The road closure will include both lanes of Churchill Avenue and five car bays.

    During this time, traffic will be re-routed; a traffic management plan and re-route will be in place. The City of Subiaco carpark located between Churchill Avenue and Barker Road will remain open.

    Who can use this space?

    Subiaco Pop-up Square is a public space that can be used by anyone. We encourage the community to:

    • Sit and relax with friends, while enjoying a barista coffee and meal from one of our local businesses.
    • Enjoy the events and participate in the classes and workshops which will be happening there.

    Is entry to Subiaco Pop-up Square free?

    Entry will be free the majority of the time. There might be a few events that require a small fee or donation.